Diposable Medical Protective Clothing


Scope of Application


For clinical medical personnel in the work of contact with the potentially infectious patient's blood, body fluids, secretions etc. to provide barrier, protection.


Main performance


1. Water permeability resistance


The hydrostatic pressure of the key parts of the protective clothing should not be lower than 1.67 Kpa (17cm H20)


2. Moisture permeability


The moisture permeability of protective clothing materials shall be no less than 2500g/(m2.d)


3. Resistance to synthetic blood penetration


The Resistance of protective clothing to synthetic blood penetration should be no less than 1.75 kPa.


4. Surface moisture resistance


The water level on the outer side of the protective clothing shall not be lower than grade 3.


5. Breaking strength


The breaking strength of materials in key parts of protective clothing shall be no less than 45N.


6. Elongation at break


The elongation at break of key parts of protective clothing should not be less than 15%.


7. Filtration efficiency


The filtration rate of non-oil particles in key parts and joints of protective clothing should not be less than 70%.


8. Antistatic property


The electric quantity of protective clothing should be no more than 0.6m/piece.


Model and Technological Parameters


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