CDC Brand Medical Protective Clothing Obtained CE Certificate

2020/04/08 12:12
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As a key material manufacturer for epidemic prevention and control, Chongqing Dechuan Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. actively responded to the national call and vigorously supported the global fight ag

Nowadays, the global epidemic situation (COVID-2019)is becoming increasingly serious , and the infection area is accelerating to spread. To effectively deepen international cooperation in epidemic prevention and control and jointly cope with the global public health crisis;China strictly controls the manufacturers of epidemic materials, ensures the quality of export products, and prohibits the export of non qualified epidemic prevention products.

On March 31, the Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of Customs and the State Administration of Drug Administration jointly issued a notice saying that when the epidemic prevention and control materials are exported, a written or electronic statement must be provided to promise that the product has obtained the registration certificate of medical device products and meets the quality standard requirements of the importing country.   


Announcement of the Ministry of Commerce on the export of epidemic prevention and control materials

Protective clothing registration information

At the same time, in order to ensure the deployment of key medical materials, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has set up a national key medical material security dispatching platform, which is used to collect and dispatch the relevant information of key material production enterprises for epidemic prevention and control, ensure the production and supply of medical materials, and provide strong support for the front line of anti epidemic.

Epidemic prevention and control medical material support dispatching platform

As a key material manufacturer for epidemic prevention and control, Chongqing Dechuan Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. supports the global fight against the epidemic in response to the national call. Actively participate in the scheduling and control of the epidemic prevention and control medical material support dispatching platform, handle the relevant issues of product export qualification in advance, strictly follow the export approval procedures to declare and submit materials, and obtain the CE certificate of disposable medical protective clothing.


Registration certificate of protective clothing

CE certificate of protective clothing

Since resuming work, Dechuan Medical has obtained the medical device registration certificate and medical protective clothing export certificate in the shortest time. It produces medical disposable protective clothing in strict accordance with national standards.After the inspection by the relevant department, all the tested items meet the national standards and export requirements.

Inspection report of protective clothing

CDC medical protective clothing

CDC brand protective clothing is made of high-density complex polyethylene polypropylene non-woven fabric, which is used to block potentially infectious blood, body fluids, secretions, etc. that clinical medical staff are exposed to at work.The product is a one-piece structure. The wrist, ankle, hat mask and waist are all designed with elastic closure. It has good moisture permeability, barrier properties, resistance to tearing and abrasion, antistatic performance, etc. The model is complete in size.

Dechuan Medical strictly controls the production process, ensures product quality, and actively participates in the production of protective clothing; we hope to contribute to the fight against the epidemic, and the peaceful development of the world.

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